The Listing Portal is a Custom Ocala MLS Search

A Listing Portal is a custom search on the Ocala/Marion County MLS that creates an account with an ID and password. A buyer will use my Dream Home Finder to provide the information that I need to set up a search. I sometimes use the Dream Home Finder AS IS and I sometimes need to email the buyer to clarify some issue or to make a recommendation. Once the search is set buyers will get an automatic email when ever a new home, that conforms to their search criteria, gets listed. After setting up the Listing Cart I don’t contact my buyers unless they contact me for more info, want to change their search or are ready to see a home. I once had a Listing Cart set up for a buyer from Chicago and it took him 3 years to close down his business and sell his house. I’m very patient.

I can’t help buyers who don’t give me enough information. Too many people will use my Dream Home Finder and just fill in Single Family and a price range. A search like that will get 1,000 hits, no kidding. I need to your your price range. The sq ft of living area, not including the garage or Lanai. The type of home, single family, 55+, pool home ect. There is also a comment section. This is where you tell me that you want to only want a 55+ community with lower HOA fees. Don’t say low fees give me a number.

Below is a screen shot showing what the Listing Portal looks like. On the top there are 5 Tabs. The first is the List View. Next is the Detail View which shows the home size, age, current taxes, HOA fees everything about the home. Photos are next and there can be as many as 50. Drone shots are becoming popular. The Map tab not only shows the location but there is also a Satellite view that zooms in and out. You can email your listing to someone and you can add other email accounts by contacting me. You can rate a listing and make a comment or a note. You can print a listing. There will be some homes that you just don’t like so there is a delete button. The Portal is a direct link to the Ocala MLS. Everything is up to date. All listing on Zillow or where ever originate here.

Listing Portal

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  1. April Kassum says:

    Thank you so much for the wealth of information on homes in the Ocala area of Florida.

    Two Canadian families are interested in “winter” homes and as you would expect, we see foreclosed properties as the first group of homes to look at for this need.

    I would appreciate some direction in doing the above. I will be happy to give you as much information as you require.
    Manitoba, Canada

  2. Rae Wisely says:

    Please send information on homes for sale in the Quail Meadow division. It appears to be the least expensive with regard to monthly charges. I am not interested in manufactured homes.

    • Joe Dallorso says:

      I’ll set you up a Listing Cart for Quail Meadow 55+ community. Quail Meadow does have the lowest 55+ HOA fees in the Ocala area. 55+ communities are about activities and life style and not just being 55+. If you don’t want to pay HOA fees you should consider non 55+ sub divisions all of which are full of retired people.

      I don’t like manufactured homes either. Our home prices are so low here there is no reason to consider them in my opinion.

  3. Kevin Healey says:

    Looking to move to the central FL area from NJ. Looking at Rainbow Lake Estates, Dunnellon area, Citrus springs, Beverly Hills. Would like a newer Home (2000’s) 3 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 2 Car garage, large lot. Pool would be nice but not deal breaker.

  4. elizabeth eichmann says:

    I would like a listing cart of your properties. $55,000 and below in Oak run.2/1200 square feet. Thank you,liz

  5. Joe Dallorso says:

    Morning Dennis

    I’ll look to see what I can find & email you a few listings. Generally 2000 sqft is too large a house for under $130K. We have a lot of 55+ homes here under $100K but they would also be under 1500 sqft. I will see what I can find & email you

  6. Carol Zeman says:

    I am looking for a del web home in the Ocala area. 55 community. Our budget is 150,000 tops. Anything in sales or resales in Stone Creeh

  7. mako says:

    we are looking for house in 55 cominuty .. HOA under $ 100.00 2 bed rooms 2 bath and screened in oprch , 2 car grarge .. Palm cay or Ork Run , cherry wood .. maybw silver springs shore ( Med way Condo )

    please send me site

    thank you

    • Joe Dallorso says:


      I will have to email you. Oak Run HOA fees start at $110- month, Cherry Wood is $175- month but that does include cable TV, Palm Cay is under $100- month.

      In order to set up a Listing Cart I need a price range

    • Joe Dallorso says:

      You already have a Listing Cart. I changed the search to show you smaller and less expensive homes as in your comment. Once you have a Listing Cart email is a better and more private way to communicate………………….JOE

  8. Sue says:

    I would like a place higher ceiling to not look so small. CBS. Under 100 or close 2/2/2 maintain ex and outside water. I like oak run. Villa.

  9. Joe Dallorso says:

    I will email you a few listings. I can’t set up the Listing Cart because you didn’t give a last name. The Listing Cart has required fields. Although in theory I can search on a lot of things. In reality when entering listings a lot of fields are optional and this is the case with Villas in Oak Run

  10. Gale Brown says:

    I am interested in seeing your Dream Cart for Oak Run listings that are $105-130,000. I am looking for 3BR, 2BA with around 1800 SF, nice kitchen, large MBR with walk-in closet, Florida Room that can be used with AC and nice lawn. Please send me what you have on your Dream Cart. Our home is for sale and I don’t know how long it will take to sell here in GA. Thanks.

    I would also be interested in homes in this category closer to the Villages if there are any.


  11. judy entrekin says:

    looking for 3/2 or large 2/2 walkin shower, open concept, 2 car garage, lanai maybe, no sloping yard: fenced or can be fenced area off 103rd St. Rd is the preferable area, well maintained. I have been pre-approved and would like under 90,000 negotiable. thank you

  12. Miriam Arana says:

    My husband and I are very interested in spruce creek preserve, please send us homes for sale 2/2/2. Thank you


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