JB Ranch

JB Ranch Entry Sign

JB Ranch is a new 55+ community located just off SR 200 here in SW Ocala. JB Ranch was started just before the great real estate crash of 2008. There are a mix of 3 builders. Armstrong Homes, a local builder, built a few homes around 08. Lenar built a couple of dozen homes on lots they still owned in 2018 but have finished. The remaining homes are being built by DR Horton. These are really nice homes that are priced to compete with much older resales. Prices are in the high $100’s to low to mid $200’s.

The clubhouse is brand new. There is a meeting room, kitchen and a fitness room with really nice high end equipment. There is 1 outdoor beach entry type pool. Once built out there are expected to be approximately 380 homes.

HOA fees will include trash pick up and lawn mowing and trimming. Unlike other communities that include lawn mowing in the HOA fee JB allows fences. Once the clubhouse is open HOA fees will be $141- month. That is a lot of value for $141 a month.

Information and statistics are deemed to be accurate at the time this blog was written but are not guaranteed. All information is time sensitive and subject to change without notice

Front gate with guard house

Front Gate on 60 Ave

Front of JB Ranch Clubhouse

JB Ranch Clubhouse

Beach entry pool surrounded by palm trees

Beach entry pool

another view of the pool with paver patio

Fitness equipment

Fitness room

treadmills and exercise bikes

weight lifting machines

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  1. Steve OSullivan says:

    See if you can find me a home between $125,000 & 150,000. If possible all tile or lament. Between 1500 & 1600 sq. ft. No older than 10 yrs. That`s about it, not impossible I hope!

    • Joe Dallorso says:

      Sorry it is impossible. New homes in JB Ranch start around $200K. There are no 2009+ homes under $150K. Homes in the $125-$150K range are from the 80’s and 90’s maybe a couple 2000-02

  2. Juanita Torres says:

    I see that JB Ranch offers Lawn service is that included in the hoa fee and do they allow small fencing in the back yard, can you do gardening and last of all can you have a generator hooked up to the house?
    Thank you

    • Joe Dallorso says:

      Yes JB has lawn care, that’s mowing and trimming not lawn water, pruning or fertilizer ect. You can fence your yard. Not sure what you mean about a garden. If you mean expended beds against the back of the house yes. A garden in the middle of the lawn not sure. You could have a generator but we don’t lose power here often.

  3. Christopher Vega says:

    Good morning,
    I am looking into buying a house at the ranch can anybody help out with a copy of HOA rules can please email them to me, thank you in advance.


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