The New World Equestrian Center

The new World Equestrian Center is being built on SR 27 north west of Ocala. Ocala is known as the horse capital of the world.

Ocala Florida and the Belmont Stakes

Horse Fever Statue

Horse Fever Statue

This is the 3rd in my series of blog posts about Ocala horses and this years Triple Crown races. Once again horses that were bred, broken or trained here in Ocala placed first, second and third in the Belmont Stakes. And that’s why Ocala Florida is the thoroughbred race horse capital of the world.


Ocala and the Preakness Stakes

4 horses standing under a big tree in a field

This is a follow up to my previous post about the Kentucky Derby and why Ocala is the horse capital of the world. Last Saturday was the Preakness Stakes which is the second leg of the Triple Crown. Once again horses bred, broken or trained here in Ocala came in first, second and third places.

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Ocala and the Kentucky Derby



horses next to a white fence under a tree

Ocala is often called the horse capital of the world. There are some world class horse farms here. It has to do with the soil which has a lot of lime rock in it making for some of the world’s finest horse pasture. Yesterday  was the 139th Kentucky Derby. All of the 6 top finishers had ties to farms here in Ocala. Some were bred here, some were broken here and others were trained here. That’s why Ocala Florida is the horse capital of the world.

What you want may not exist

My web site and blog attract a lot of out of the area buyers. It’s not my job to find a buyer exactly what they want. I feel it is my job to show them what is available here in Ocala for their budget. For example there are a lot of people who’d like a $150K farm. Can I find one ? Well that depends on your definition of a farm. If you mean a mobile home on a couple of acres of agricultural zoned land then yes you can get a farm here. I also get buyers looking for a 55+ community with a big lot and almost no HOA fees. Is it impossible ? No but it does eliminate 98% of the 55+ listings. Feel free to contact me about anything to do with Ocala real estate but just be aware that what you want doesn’t always exist.

Ocala and Marion County Florida deed restrictions

I get a lot of questions about deed restrictions here in Ocala and Marion county. Deed restrictions are public records. This blog post will show you how to find deed restrictions here in Marion County.

1. Go to the Marion County Clerk of the Courts web site.

2. In the lower right under Records click on Official Records Search

3. On the right click Search Records Now a blue box

4. At bottom of the page use Legacy Web Search

5. Enter party name. You have to get the name exact

6. Under restrict document type by code enter RES which is restrictions and covenants

Deed restrictions can be hard to read. Some were written before computers and are old typed documents that were poorly scanned. Larger older communities can have 100’s of pages mostly of very minor revisions. Typically you will find the important stuff in the largest document.

Why Ocala Florida is the horse capitol of the world

Horses standing next to a white fence

Horses by the fence an original photo by Joe Dallorso

Today is Kentucky Derby day. Of the 19 horses running in today’s race 15 have ties to Ocala. Some were bred here, others were trained here and a couple are locally owned. It’s not just the great winter weather that attracts some of the world’s best horse trainers and breeders. It’s the grass. Limestone soil adds minerals that grow strong bones and great race horses. And that’s why Ocala Florida is the horse capitol of the world.