Ocala weather report summer 2021

We went from a very dry may, one of the driest on record to June where I swear that it rained every day. Some summers are wetter than others and 2021 is off to a very wet start.

All summer the weather is much the same. Mid to high 70’s first thing in the morning. Heating up to the high 80’s or low 90’s with extreme humidity all day 24/7.

It’s hurricane season. Hurricane Elsa just hit north of Cedar key as a tropical storm, winds less than 75 mph and we got rain and light winds here in Ocala. The hurricane season ends in October and the chance for hurricanes increases as the ocean water gets warmer over the summer.

I like to say that the hot humid summers are a small price to pay for no winter and no snow or ice.

Ocala Florida weather report May 2021

May is a great month here in Ocala. It’s warm, maybe hot by some people’s standards but dry without the summer humidity. Most days are in the 80’s and nights in the mid to high 60’s. This is the last month of the dry season so we get very little rain. The humidity and afternoon thunderstorms get going the very end of May or the beginning of June.

Ocala Florida weather report April 2021

March was colder than normal this year. April has started out much cooler than normal as well with  the first few days of the month barely making it to 70. April temperatures are normally the mid to high 80’s and the 60’s at night. April is a great month. No humidity yet. You don’t need much heat or AC and you can sleep with the windows open.

Ocala Florida weather report March 2021

This winter has been the coldest one since I moved to Ocala in 2004. According the the tv weather man it was the coldest in Florida in 20 years. By cold I mean several frosts and a couple of light freezes. Day time temperatures in the high 50’s is freezing here. The grass which often stays green all winter is brown and dormant. Plants that generally survive in this zone look pretty much toasted.

The last week of February warmed up. We had several days in the 80’s. March is spring. The day time temps will be in the 80’s and nights in the 60’s. There will be little or no humidity until May. Spring which is a lot like summer up north is great here in Ocala.

Ocala Florida Weather Report February 2021

The winter of 2020-21 is the coldest I’ve seen since moving to Ocala in 2004. I’ve seen colder nights and a few really hard freezes but never so many cold days and nights. By cold I mean days in the low 60’s and nights in the 30’s. Typically the weather should begin to warm up in mid to late February. March is a full blown spring month. I can’t wait.

Ocala Florida weather for January 2021

I’ll start as usual with a look back at the previous month. December was very odd. We had 3 or 4 hard frosts. There some years we don’t get a frost at all. The grass is brown and dormant and quite a few plants that were borderline hardy here were killed. New Years day was 80 and I had to turn on my AC.

January like the rest of our winter here revolves around cold fronts. A front will come though and cool the day time temperatures down to the 60’s or even high 50’s and then the temperatures will go back to the low 70’s until the next front. There is no humidity and we can go for a week or 2 with no rain.

Ocala Florida Weather Report December 2020

So far December has been much cooler than normal. Today is December 8th and we have had two cold fronts and a frost already this winter. Normally high temperatures should be in the mid 70’s during the day and the 50’s or 60’s at night. The past several days have been in the 60’s and even a couple of 50’s during the day. That’s cold for Ocala. The winteer is my favorite time of year. Warm and dry.

Ocala Florida weather report November 2020

October was an unusually warm month. Normally it begins to cool down mid month. It did that in October but it heated back up through the first week of November. It was also more humid than normal.

November should be cool and dry with temperatures in the mid 70’s. I hope it cools down soon. According to the weatherman on TV it should cool down this coming week.

Tropical storm Eta passed just north of Ocala. It was a non event. A little rain and some 30 mph wind.

Ocala weather report for October 2020

October in Ocala is the beginning of our fall. It’s also the beginning of the dry season. You can almost divide our year into 2 seasons. From late May until October we have the wet season. During the wet season we have high humidity every day with afternoon thunderstorms several times a week. The dry season is from October until May. It’s warm but not hot. Not a lot of rain and little or no humidity. October is one of my favorite months. Temperatures in the 80’s but dry and sunny.

Ocala Florida weather report September 2020

Since I didn’t do my August weather report I’ll begin by recapping the month. August was hot and humid every day. Days were all in the low 90’s. Nights were in the high 70’s often even 80 at 6 am when I get up. Every day was very humid. We had afternoon thunderstorms several times a week.

September will be a lot like August. September is not the beginning of fall here it is a full blown summer month. Things do not begin to cool down until late October. Mid September is the peak of hurricane season. This year huge sand storms coming off of North Africa have been hindering hurricanes forming in the Atlantic.

The hot humid summers are a small price to pay for no winter and no more snow ever.