Sell high and buy high or Sell low and buy low

Is now the time to buy a house in Ocala FL ?

Think of it this way.

In a sellers market you sell high and generally in a short time. BUT then what do you do? Unless you’re headed to the nursing home or planning a backpacking trip to Tibet you’ll probably have to buy another house. You go out into a sellers market with few choices and pay top dollar for your next house.

Now in a buyers market you may sell lower than you’d like and maybe a lot lower. But you can go out into a buyers market full of inventory and pay an equally low price. That’s why I think a buyers market is actually better than a sellers market.

The best deal of all is for first time buyers. It’s the first time buyers who get to buy low without selling low. In the Ocala market with prices as low as they are, first time buyers can own a home for the price of an upscale apartment or renting many homes. Not to even mention the income tax advantages and first time buyers tax credit and historically low interest rates.

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