Ocala Weather September 2010

September is a summer month here in Ocala. If you’re reading this up north some where then you probably think September is the beginning of fall. Here in Ocala the temperatures in September will stay around 90 for the whole month. There is a little less humidity than July and August but it’s still plenty humid by most peoples standards.

August was even hotter than usual here in Ocala. Many days were in the mid 90’s. We seldom actually get above 95 here but the humidity makes it feel hotter.

September is the peak of hurricane season. It’s the warm ocean waters that feed the hurricanes and the ocean doesn’t begin to cool down until about November. Ocala isn’t a hurricane free zone, no where in Florida is but it’s about as safe as you can get.

For more about Ocala weather check out my web site for average temperatures and precipitation by the month.

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