Ocala weather report March 2016

Winter is over here in Ocala. It was a mild winter this year with a couple of light frosts but no hard freeze where I live in SW Ocala. Today is March 7. This week we expect temperatures to gradually increase from the high 70’s today to the mid to high 80’s by weeks end. The grass is still mostly brown. Grass here doesn’t like cool temperatures and goes dormant but it will be green in a couple of weeks. The azaleas are getting ready to bloom and if you vegetable garden now is the time to plant.

If you are depressed and looking forward to several weeks of lousy weather then move to Ocala. Home prices are going up but there are still good deals especially compared to northern states. The humid hot summers are a small price to pay for 6 weeks of winter that is more like fall in New England where I grew up.

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