Ocala weather report July 2012

July temperatures never go below 90 and seldom go above 95. Night time temperatures are in the mid 70’s. It’s very humid every day. Afternoon thunderstorms are very hit or miss but occur on a regular basis. The thunderstorms are caused by winds off the Atlantic colliding with winds off the Gulf that destabilize the atmosphere. This weather pattern exists from late May until mid October.

June was especially wet. Tropical storm Debby passed north of Ocala dropping several inches of rain. I had to drain my pool twice and althoigh I don’t have a rain gauge I’d guess we must have gotten a good 7″ of rain here in the SW corridor off SR 200.

Like I always love to say ” The hot humid summers are a very small price to pay for no winter.”

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  1. ocala says:

    It’s has been just a cazy kinda heat here in Ocala the past few weeks. I am just glad no one has passed away from this heat with the number of elderly we have here. Luckily we’re not in a drought and the heat is broken by the occasional rain shower.


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