Ocala Weather June 2009

Before getting to the weather in June here in Ocala let’s look back at May. May was one of the rainiest months of May on record. That’s a good thing because May is usually very dry and the Ocala area has had a drought.

June is the beginning of the wet season. In the afternoon winds from the Atlantic collide with winds off the Gulf causing instability in the atmosphere resulting in thunderstorms.

The humidity also returns to Ocala in June. The temperatures are in the low 90’s almost every day and the night time gets down to only the mid 70’s. There is no doubt about it the air is very humid.

June is also the beginning of hurricane season in Florida. Although the ocean water really isn’t warm enough yet to really get hurricanes going. Ocala, being in the middle of the state is one of the least hurricane prone areas in all of Florida.

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