Ocala Real Estate Market Report for October 2014

Home sales in Ocala and Marion County were 505 homes and farms for October which is a little lower than we have been seeing. That makes me think that statistics don’t show the whole picture. For example the majority of sales are below $100K but statistics don’t tell why the prices are that low. They don’t tell the home’s condition, the size or if there is some sort of functional obsolescence which is real estate speak for a house with 1 bathroom or some outdated feature. The days on the market is an average. An over priced house can sit forever and an aggressively priced home in great condition can sell in days. There is only so much you can do online. At some point you need to reach out for help to a Realtor.

I think it will be a great winter for home sales here in Ocala. Winter is a busy time any way and the worse the winter is up north the better sales are here down in Florida. Call me, email me or use my Dream Home Finder if this is the last freezing cold winter you want in your life.

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