Ocala real estate market October 2010

October was the first time since February that we sold less than 300 homes in a month. Foreclosures were down quite a bit which is probably do to the mess here in Florida with bad paper work in the foreclosing process. Short sales were pretty good but if you look at past months and take an average it doesn’t look like short sales are getting any easier. That’s disappointing as short sales are tomorrow’s foreclosures.

The fall and winter are usually pretty good months in the Ocala area for home sales despite the holidays. The colder and nastier it gets up north the better for home sales here in Ocala.

The Ocala area has the dubious distinction of having the largest price drop in the entire country during the 3rd quarter as compared to the same period in 2009.

As I always say ” now is the time o buy”. Ocala home prices are down 50% from market highs in 2005-08. Interest rates are at historical lows and are artificially suppressed by the FED for political reasons. Loans are available don’t believe the bad press.

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