Ocala Florida weather report June 2016

I have not been keeping up with my weather reports so here is a over view of spring 2016. I think it was fairly dry and temperatures pretty normal. I think of spring starting in Ocala on March first and going to Memorial day. It is warm and dry in the spring here. Starting in the 70’s during March and going up to the high 80’s by May. The summer humidity doesn’t return until late May. There isn’t a lot of rain during the spring here.

June started off as hot and very humid. You almost don’t need a weather report during the summer here. It is hot and humid with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms every day. June is also the beginning of hurricane season but most hurricanes are towards the fall when the ocean water is at it’s warmest. Ocala is the least likely area in Florida to get hit by a hurricane and property insurance rates reflect that.

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