Ocala Florida weather report July 2011

July in Ocala is hot and humid every day. Day time temperatures almost never go below 90 or much above 95. At night the temperature stays in the low 70’s.  It’s very humid every day with afternoon thunderstorms 2 or 3 times a week. These thunderstorms are extremely isolated. It can pour in one spot and it can be as dry as a bone just a mile away.

The dry season extended into the middle of June. Normally we begin to see the afternoon thunderstorms start up in late May.  So far this is the 2nd really dry year in a row.  There were forest fires again this year and the water levels in lakes and ponds are low. We need a good tropical storm to bring the water table back up to normal.

As I always like to say “the heat and humidity are a small price to pay for no winter”.

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