Ocala Florida weather report for October 2014

October is the beginning of our dry season. It cools down from the 90’s to the mid to low 80’s which after you’ve lived here a while seems cooler. As a matter of fact the 60’s seem down right cold after having been here for 10 years. The humidity will be gone by the end of the month. It is also the end of hurricane season by mid November.

This has been an unusually wet summer. I read that we have had as much rain as in 2004 when 4 hurricanes hit Florida. Maybe that’s a good thing. Lakes around here have been low for too long and the water table could use more water as well.

Here in Ocala a lot of people look forward to the winter with temperatures in the 70’s. If you’re not looking forward to snow and ice maybe you should contact me and I’ll help you move !

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