Ocala Florida weather report for January 2014

It is the first full week of January and a new year. Last night January 6 a cold front went through and we had a hard freeze. We can get a frost here in Ocala and usually get a couple each winter. Every 5 to 10 years we get a hard freeze. Last night it got to 29 and stayed like that for several hours. The last freeze we got was in 2010 and I lost my lemon tree which was at least 12 feet tall. Today will not get out of the 40’s ! That is very unusual for Ocala winters.  Saturday and Sunday it’s expected to hit 80 which is several degrees above normal. I’m telling this story because this is what winter is like here in Ocala. Warm weather, usually in the low 70’s in January, interrupted by a cold front and a couple of cold days and maybe a frost or even a freeze. Then back to warm weather while we wait for another cold front.

If you think the winters here in Ocala sound pretty good compared to where you live then call me, email me or use my Ocala Dream Home Finder and I will find you a house. The market is changing. Now is the time to buy before price go up.

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