Ocala Florida weather report for April 2015

Pink Azalea in bloom

March Azalea in bloom

It has been an unusually warm spring here in Ocala. As soon as March began we had temp’s in the 80’s. That is unusual as March begins kind of cool in the low 70’s normally. As the month went on we had numerous days in the high 80’s which is about 10 degrees above normal. If you follow my weather blogs you know I’m not happy with these warm temperatures. There is nothing I hate more than using the AC in March ! The warm weather has continued into April with more 10 degree above normal temperatures. At least it’s not humid yet. The humidity usually holds off until mid to late May.

I realize you folks that still have snow on the ground have little sympathy for my complaining about the warm weather. If you can’t take another snowy winter then call me, email me or use my Dream Home Finder. Remember my unconditional guarantee. If it ever snows at your new Ocala home I’ll come over and shovel your driveway for free.


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