Ocala Florida weather report February 2013

So far the winter of 2012-13 is the winter that wasn’t. January was bizarrely warm with some days approaching 80. That’s not normal. Even the plants were confused, the azaleas are blooming. Many days were over 10 degrees above normal. We also get several frosts and this year at my house in the SW area we have only had 2 very mild frosts. We need a hard freeze or two to kill off nasty insects like fleas and ticks. The last week of January returned to more normal temperatures but later this week, the first week of February, it is expected to warm up  again.

February is the last month of winter. It begins to warm up the last week or so of the month. The last frost date is thought to be March 15 if you are a gardener. You can plant tender plants then and expect them to last into June when it gets too hot. You can get another planting in for the fall in late September.

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