Ocala Florida weather February 2010

February in Ocala is the last month of our winter. By the first of March things will start warming up, the grass will start to green up and the azaleas will bloom.

Temperatures in February should be in the low 70’s during the days and the mid 40’s at night. Of course January should have been like that too.

Hopefully February will be a more normal winter month than January. The first 10 days of the new year were extremely cold. Every night was at or below freezing which is unheard of here in Ocala. Now we do get frosts and freezes in Ocala but only 3 or 4 times a winter. Never 10 days in a row. A life long resident told me that he has never seen such a cold stretch in his 45 years living in Marion County. In addition to the cold weather it has been really rainy too. This is supposed to be the dry season where it doesn’t rain for weeks on end. It has rained so much I’ve had to lower the water in my pool several times.

Visit the Ocala weather page on my web site to see average highs, lows and precipitation by the month here in Marion County.

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