New Home in Del Webb Stone Creek

This is the first part of a series of posts about my wife and I building a new home in Del Webb Stone Creek. Much of this could apply to other new homes in other communities except of course spec homes.

Mid January 2019. We made our decision to build a new house in Stone Creek. We put down $20,000 to get started. The first step was to decide on a lot. Lots with no or little lot premium backed up to other homes or have a planting separating the homes. We decided on a home that looks out onto the Circle Square Cattle ranch that is owned by the family that builds On Top of the World. The lot premium was $18,500-. The next decisions involved structural components of the house.  We wanted an office with french doors, on the lanai we wanted the slider to close into a pocket and the Lanai to extend 8 feet into a screen cage. I have always loved a Roman shower so we got one. We decided against extending the garage 4 feet because it pushed the house back and we wanted as much yard as possible for our puppy Ginger. One of the bigger decisions was the elevation. The elevation is the front of the house and roof line. There were 6 options for the same floor plan that make the front of the house look totally different. Each having a different price.

A big take away is that in building any new home you can see a base price online. That is really base like a car with an AM radio and roll up windows if you remember back that far. I have heard different numbers but adding $40,000 + or 20% seems to be a good rule of thumb.

In my next post I’ll go over the time line and our visit to the design center.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Hi Joe,
    I just came across this while searching for information about Stone Creek. We just returned from a visit to Ocala and are very interested in this community. I hope you will continue blogging about your experience building there as I look forward to reading about it. Good luck ☺

    • Joe Dallorso says:

      Hi there. I’m glad you enjoyed my blogging about Stone Creek. I do plan to blog more about my experience. Stay tuned .

  2. Nathaniel Robinson Sr says:

    Hi Joe. Hope the home build went well. We are visiting OTOW for the 3rd time in June 2021. Saw the Stone Creek development in Oct 2018 during our first visit. May come one day earlier to meet you just for the lay-of-the-land. I know a lot about OTOW and looking at Candler Hills (know our floor plan, got costs, etc.); yet, living in Greece is on the table for us too. At 67, gotta be where the heart is happiest and safe. Will see if we can add another day to our time in Ocala. Thanks for your content.


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