Multiple offers on Ocala area homes

I was just involved in a multiple offer situation. I don’t see them all the time but this was the 2nd one this year. Both were on 55+ homes which are my specialty. Both also had borderline over the top renovations.

A few things to know about multiple offers. The seller does not have to accept the first offer they get. The sellers can do what ever is in their best interests. Sellers don’t have to disclose that they have other offers. Sellers sometimes will ask for a buyers “highest and best” offer but do not have to. A seller doesn’t have to accept the highest offer. They may for example take a cash offer with no contingency other than an inspection over a higher offer with financing.

In order to win in a multiple offer situation it helps to pay cash and make as AS IS offer asking for no repairs. Offers with financing or even cash contingent on the sale of your existing home with lose out most every time to the cash AS IS offer.

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