Confusion about Ocala 55+ homes

houses along both sides of a street

I get a lot of buyers asking about Ocala 55+ communities. There seems to be confusion about what these communities are and are not. Ocala 55+ communities are about a lifestyle. They are communities with a clubhouse, community swimming pool or multiple pools, clubs and activities. The homes tend to be on small lots because retired people don’t want a lot of yard work. They are all located in areas where shopping, dining and medical care is close by. All of which is funded through HOA fees.

The 55+ communities are not just single family homes with big yards and a back yard swimming pool in a neighborhood with age restrictions. The closest thing we have to a 55+ community with big yards and age restrictions is Marco Polo Village. Close but with smaller 1/4 acre lots is Quail Meadow. If you write me about either of these communities be aware that they are both small with only a few resales a any given time.

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