Trilogy at Ocala Preserve

I went to brokers open house at the new Trilogy Ocala community being built by Shea homes. There were 3 model homes to see as well as maps and artist renderings of the future clubhouses and golf course.

The model homes seemed to be of a very high build quality. I was impressed. Having said that no one on the developers staff seemed to know what were standard features and what were upgrades. Pretty important stuff when buying a new home. I’m sure that sort of info will be available soon.

Trilogy will be divided into neighborhoods some being 55+ and some not. I like this concept but I wonder how this will effect the clubhouse, fitness center and pools. From my experience buyers looking for a 55+ community might not like sharing facilities with kids.

Buyers can start purchasing homes any time. One clubhouse with a cafe, fitness center, movement room and wifi lounge will be completed by January 2015. The 2nd and larger clubhouse will be complete by the spring of 2016 about the same time as the golf course. Until all the clubhouses and golf course are complete the HOA fee will be discounted to $319- month.

The HOA fees at Trilogy will include lawn mowing and trimming, shrub pruning, insect control and fertilizer as well as lawn water. It will not include water used inside the house or sewer. They will not maintain the building itself in any way. HOA fees do include golf. There are no CDD bonds. When complete HOA fees go up to $409- month. HOA fees also include gated access, street lights, common area maintenance, use of the clubhouse as well as cable TV and internet.

Shea Homes, the builder of Triolgy, is very Realtor friendly. You can contact them by email or phone and as long as you do not go to the community in person you can still have a Realtor represent you and they will pay a commission. 

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Ocala Real Estate Market Report for September 2014

$10,000 to $100,000 279
$100,001 to $200,000 175
$200,001 to $300,000 43
$300,001 to $500,000 21
$500,000 plus 5
Total residential sales 523
Median Days on Market 98
Average % of Original list vs Sold Price 91.3%
Active Listings 3738

If you follow my market reports you can see that sales this year have been consistently over 500 a month. That is a huge increase over a few years ago. We are now is a neutral market which neither favors buyers or sellers. This is considered normal. The average days on the market is 98. Homes in excellent condition and well priced sell faster and closer to list price than the average of 91%. I’m not the only one who thinks the market is picking up. New home construction is just starting up again with builders having the confidence to start new developments. The Ocala real estate market has finally recovered and I am glad.

Statistics used for this blog post are from the Ocala Marion County MLS and are deemed to be accurate at the time this blog was written but are not guaranteed. All information is time sensitive and subject to change without notice. Home sales are for Marion County only and do not include FSBO, homes sold by builders or by auction that were not  listed on the MLS, commercial properties or vacant land. Residential sales do include farms, mobile homes and condo’s.

Ocala Florida weather report for October 2014

October is the beginning of our dry season. It cools down from the 90′s to the mid to low 80′s which after you’ve lived here a while seems cooler. As a matter of fact the 60′s seem down right cold after having been here for 10 years. The humidity will be gone by the end of the month. It is also the end of hurricane season by mid November.

This has been an unusually wet summer. I read that we have had as much rain as in 2004 when 4 hurricanes hit Florida. Maybe that’s a good thing. Lakes around here have been low for too long and the water table could use more water as well.

Here in Ocala a lot of people look forward to the winter with temperatures in the 70′s. If you’re not looking forward to snow and ice maybe you should contact me and I’ll help you move !

Why you should always do your own inspection

My buyer found a house they liked and it seemed odd that the seller had only lived there a month or so. Apparently she regretted her purchase and wanted to go back home. After accepting my buyers offer the seller’s agent offered my buyers the inspection that the seller had just had done several weeks ago. I cautioned about using an existing inspection. Sure enough one of the inspectors I like found several problems that the first inspector missed. Pretty obvious things like leaky faucets, a frozen valve on the hot water heater. Nothing serious but the seller was required to make those repairs under the Florida real estate contract that we used. All things the previous seller should have repaired.

Another time my buyer walked away from a deal because the AC was shot. We knew it was old and had an AC tech do an inspection in addition to the home inspection. Someone had rigged the AC so it wouldn’t blow out freon ! The listing agent gave my buyers inspection to the next buyer never knowing the results of the independent AC inspection.

So there you go. Never trust an inspection that you didn’t order and pay for.

Ocala Real Estate Market Report for August 2014

$10,000 to $100,000 284
$100,001 to $200,000 170
$200,001 to $300,000 46
$300,001 to $500,000 21
$500,000 plus 7
Total residential sales 528
Active Listings 3664

Homes sales are up over the past few years and prices are beginning to go up as well. However the Ocala area still offers greats deals on home prices. The median home price in the Ocala area is $109,250- . The median home price in Florida is $181,000- and the median home price for the whole country is $220,600-.

Statistics used for this blog post are from the Ocala Marion County MLS and are deemed to be accurate at the time this blog was written but are not guaranteed. All information is time sensitive and subject to change without notice. Home sales are for Marion County only and do not include FSBO, homes sold by builders or by auction that were not  listed on the MLS, commercial properties or vacant land. Residential sales do include farms, mobile homes and condo’s.

Some things just don’t exist

I deal mostly with out of state buyers. Sometimes people are looking for things that either don’t exist or are extremely rare. 

Pool homes in 55+ communities are a good example. There are some but 99% of 55+ homes don’t have a private pool. Why have a pool to maintain when you are paying HOA fees for a community pool ?

Same goes for “I want a 55+ home on a huge lot with no or very low HOA fees” Retirement homes are on small lots because most people don’t want yard work anymore. Retirement communities are also about a lifestyle and not just age restrictions.

Yet another home type I get asked about all the time are farms under $100,000-. I guess if an old mobile home on an acre with Ag zoning is your idea of a farm then they do exist. We have some inexpensive homes here on standard sized lots but farms are not that cheap.

I think people get an image in their mind of their ideal home before knowing an area and what to expect. I see my job as being just as much about educating buyers as just showing them houses.

Ocala Florida weather report for September 2014

September in Ocala is not the beginning of fall like in many parts of the country. September here is a full fledged summer month with temperatures in the 90′s and plenty of humidity. 

It is also the height of hurricane season. Ocala is probably one of the safest spots in Florida for hurricanes. Hurricanes tend to either hit south Florida or head up the Atlantic coast to the Carolina’s or into the Gulf and up towards the Panhandle, Louisiana or Texas. It would require a last minute 90 degree turn to come into Ocala. Not impossible but not probable either.

If you’re not looking forward to another winter where ever it is that you live then email me, call me or use my Ocala Dream Home Finder. Prices and selection is still good but the market is changing.

Ocala Real Estate Market Report for July 2014

$10,000 to $100,000 289
$100,001 to $200,000 213
$200,001 to $300,000 58
$300,001 to $500,000 26
$500,000 plus 9
Total residential sales 596
Foreclosures 103
Short Sales 24
Active Listings 3696

Another outstanding month for home sales here in Ocala. Just a couple of years ago business was really slow during the summer months. Last year was the first year since the great real estate crash of 2007 that sales were fairly steady. I’m going to have my best year in real estate this year. The buyers market is over and we are transitioning into a neutral market. As I mentioned in past real estate reports I am predicting a sellers market in the future. My rational being that there has been almost no new construction since the crash of 07 and that will create a housing shortage.

Prices and selection are still good. I think what ever you buy today will look like a pretty good deal in 3-5 years. Call me, email me or use on Ocala Dream Home Finder.

Ocala Florida weather report for August 2014

I forgot to do my weather report at the beginning of the month. I’m not sure it matters because the weather here is the same almost every day from May to October, hot and humid with a chance of afternoon thunderstorms.

August is the beginning of hurricane season. Technically the season begins in June but the ocean water is too cool for anything to really get going until August. This is a quiet season so far just like last year. There is a pretty interesting reason for not much hurricane development. Hurricanes begin to form off the coast of Africa and for the last few years sand storms from the Sahara desert have kept hurricanes from forming. 

Utility Bills

I know that in some states up north it is common to see the oil bill to get an idea of heating costs. Here in Ocala there are no real heating costs. Our big expense is running the AC 24/7 from May through October. I don’t think much of looking at electric bills because different people have different comfort levels. I had a guy call me up to list his uncle’s home that he had just inherited. We’re talking and he says that his uncle won an award from the Ocala electric company for low energy use. I said maybe we should put that in the listing comments. Then he told me that his uncle was 80, lived alone and sat in front of a fan when it was 90 outside until he couldn’t take it anymore and turned on the AC. Different people have different comfort levels.

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