Why you should always do your own inspection

My buyer found a house they liked and it seemed odd that the seller had only lived there a month or so. Apparently she regretted her purchase and wanted to go back home. After accepting my buyers offer the seller’s agent offered my buyers the inspection that the seller had just had done several weeks ago. I cautioned about using an existing inspection. Sure enough one of the inspectors I like found several problems that the first inspector missed. Pretty obvious things like leaky faucets, a frozen valve on the hot water heater. Nothing serious but the seller was required to make those repairs under the Florida real estate contract that we used. All things the previous seller should have repaired.

Another time my buyer walked away from a deal because the AC was shot. We knew it was old and had an AC tech do an inspection in addition to the home inspection. Someone had rigged the AC so it wouldn’t blow out freon ! The listing agent gave my buyers inspection to the next buyer never knowing the results of the independent AC inspection.

So there you go. Never trust an inspection that you didn’t order and pay for.

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