An idea of what Ocala Florida’s weather is like from month to month

Ocala Florida Weather Report September 2019

September is the peak of hurricane season in Florida. Hurricane Dorian missed Ocala and went up the coast. Here in SW Ocala all I got was a light shower and a slight breeze. Ocala is probably one of the safest cities in Florida for hurricanes but watching the news for a week in advance not knowing the exact path is stressful. One thing I have learned about hurricanes is that no one knows where they will go until the last 24 hours or so. Dorian was a very slow mover. That gave a huge Bermuda high pressure zone time to move east creating a path up the coast. Hurricanes naturally move north unless they are blocked by another weather system. Let’s hope all the hurricanes miss Florida this year.

Ocala Florida weather report August 2019

July was really hot even by Ocala standards. August is looking to be the same. It’s going to be in the very high 80’s or low 90’s every day. At 530 am when I get up every morning it’s around 75. It’s humid first thing in the morning and all day long. Afternoon thunderstorms are caused by winds off the Atlantic colliding with wind off the Gulf. They are hit or miss most days. August is when hurricane season really gets going. Hurricanes are fueled by warm ocean water. Hopefully they will miss Florida.

Ocala Weather Report for July 2019

It will be hot and humid with afternoon thunderstorms until mid October.  Seriously. I’m not kidding.

Ocala Florida weather report June 2019

May was hotter than usual. The heat and humidity started earlier in the month than normal. It has also been very dry. So dry the lawn sprinkler system can’t keep up. We are allowed to water twice a week and that’s not enough with temperatures near 90 and no rain for weeks.

June is the beginning of the wet season. We should shortly be getting afternoon thunderstorms 2 to 4 times a week. It will be hot and humid until the middle of October. That’s summer in Florida.

June is also the beginning of hurricane season. Hurricane season doesn’t really get going until August after the ocean water heats up but this year it seems to be getting warm earlier.

Ocala Florida Weather Report May 2019

April was a great month, warm and sunny with no humidity. It’s one of the best months of the year. May is off to a warm humid start. We normally don’t get humidity until near the end of the month but this year you can already feel it and it’s only the first week of May. Days in May will be in the very high 80’s and as the humidity comes back so will afternoon thunderstorms. Of course the warm temperatures and rain make the grass green and the flowers bloom so it’s not that bad.

Ocala Florida Weather Report April 2019

It has been a weird winter and a weird spring so far here in Ocala. I swear February was warmer than March. I can accept a cool February and by that I mean the 60’s but March should be in the mid to high 70’s and beautiful and sunny with no humidity. It was more like February this year.

April is also one of my favorite months. It will or should be warm in the 80’s without any humidity. The nights are cool and you can sleep with your windows open.

Both my sister and sister in law fell on the ice up in our home state of Massachusetts this year. Both got hurt but nothing permanent. Like my sister said when you fall as you get older you don’t bounce like you used to. Just another reason to move to Ocala. We never get ice.

Ocala Florida Weather January 2019

I read something funny but so true the other day about Ocala weather.

Winter is 6 am and 45 degrees

Spring is 10 am and 65 degrees

Summer is 2 pm and 72 degrees

Fall is 4 pm and 65 again

This is the dead of winter here in Ocala. If you think you can take it call me , email me or use my Ocala Dream Home Finder.

Ocala Florida Weather Report December 2018

November seemed much cooler than normal. We even got a few nights down around 40. My wife even covered a few tender plants just in case.

December is the beginning of our winter. Winter is a series of cold fronts. It will be nice and warm in the 70’s then a front will come down and drop the temperatures down into the 60’s or even the 50’s for a few days. Then back to warm weather and waiting for the next front. That’s winter in Ocala.

Ocala Florida Weather Report November 2018

October was very dry with very little rain at my house in SW Ocala. October is the beginning of the dry months but this year was extra dry.

November is a great month in Ocala. It starts out with temperatures in the low 80’s although so far this year it has been a little warmer. Nights are in the 60’s. There is little or no humidity in the air.

A lot of people look forward to the winters here in Florida. Who doesn’t like cool dry weather in the 70’s. If you aren’t looking forward to winter where ever you are then move to Ocala ! Houses are still very affordable. The cost of living is low and the weather is great. Call me, email me or use my Ocala Dream Home Finder.

Hurricane Michael Ocala Update

Hurricane Michael had very little effect here in Ocala. At me house in the SW near the SR 200 retirement communities all we got was a little wind and very little rain. It was breezy at my house and I got maybe a 1/4 inch of rain.