An idea of what Ocala Florida’s weather is like from month to month

Ocala weather report for October 2020

October in Ocala is the beginning of our fall. It’s also the beginning of the dry season. You can almost divide our year into 2 seasons. From late May until October we have the wet season. During the wet season we have high humidity every day with afternoon thunderstorms several times a week. The dry season is from October until May. It’s warm but not hot. Not a lot of rain and little or no humidity. October is one of my favorite months. Temperatures in the 80’s but dry and sunny.

Ocala Florida weather report September 2020

Since I didn’t do my August weather report I’ll begin by recapping the month. August was hot and humid every day. Days were all in the low 90’s. Nights were in the high 70’s often even 80 at 6 am when I get up. Every day was very humid. We had afternoon thunderstorms several times a week.

September will be a lot like August. September is not the beginning of fall here it is a full blown summer month. Things do not begin to cool down until late October. Mid September is the peak of hurricane season. This year huge sand storms coming off of North Africa have been hindering hurricanes forming in the Atlantic.

The hot humid summers are a small price to pay for no winter and no more snow ever.


Ocala Florida weather report for July 2020

July is hot and very humid here in Ocala there’s no getting away from it. Every day it’s in the high 70’s at 6 am and very humid. By afternoon expect the lower 90’s and still really humid. We get afternoon thunderstorms 3 or 4 times a week. They don’t cool things down much.

July is hurricane season. So far this year and this sounds crazy huge dust storms are blowing out of the Sahara desert in Africa. This air born sand and dust keeps hurricanes from forming in the Atlantic and Caribbean oceans. Hopefully this will continue and we will have a  uneventful season.

Ocala Florida Weather Report June 2020

June is the first month of the wet season. The wet season is when it is very humid every day and there are frequent afternoon thunderstorms. The wet season lasts until mid October. Every day is in the high 80’s to low 90’s but seldom over 95. Nights are in the mid 70’s. It’s humid 24/7.

June is also the beginning of hurricane season. Hurricanes feed off the warm ocean water and although the season starts in June it’s late August and September that is peak hurricane season.

It’s not impossible to get a hurricane in Ocala but being in the middle of the state we are about as safe a place as you will find in Florida.

The heat and humidity as a small price to pay for no winter.

Ocala Florida weather report for April 2020

It’s been a warmer and dryer than usual spring. I’ve had to turn on my AC more than past years. It’s also been really dry with almost no rain until the end of April. April here in Ocala is a great month. Temperatures in the 80’s with little or no humidity and sunny almost every day. It’s almost May. May is a transition month from dry weather to humid weather starting near the end of the month. The humidity is a small price to pay for no snow or ice.

Ocala Florida Weather Report March 2020

March is the beginning of Spring in Ocala. Actually by some northerners standards it’s like their summer. Days in the 80’s and nights in the 60’s. This is the dry season and we can go for a week or more with no rain at all. There is no humidity either in March. March is one of our best months.

Ocala Florida weather report January 2020

Christmas was exceptionally warm here in Ocala with temperature in the high 70’s and low 80’s.

January is our winter month. February is winter too but it starts to warm up by the end of the month and March is spring. Winter is a series of cold fronts. The temperature will be in the 70’s then a cold front will come through and the day time temps will drop to the 60’s or even high 50’s for a couple of days. Then we arm back up until the next cold front. We can get a frost or two and every few years a freeze. The winter is the dry season with little rain and no humidity.

If you don’t love the winter like I do then move to Ocala ! The hot humid summers are a small price to pay for no snow and ice.

Ocala Florida weather report December 2019

The weather in November was unseasonably cool with little precipitation. December is a dry month with temperatures in the 70’s. The winter in Ocala is a series of cold fronts. Days in the 70’s followed by a cold front which drops the day time temps to the 60’s or even high 50’s for a few days. Then back in the 70’s until the next front comes rolling through.

Ocala Florida weather report November 2019

October was a really warm month. Many days being 10 degrees above normal and the humidity persisted on and off until the end of the month. That’s too bad because I look forward to the cooler drier weather of our fall.

November is supposed to be in the high 70’s with no humidity. Let’s hope that’s the case this year. I like those months where I’m not paying the AC bill or needing heat.

Ocala Florida weather report October 2019

September was a very odd month here in Ocala. It was the height of hurricane season and traditionally a very rainy month but this September was dry as a bone. That’s not a good thing except for no hurricanes of course. We are supposed to get a lot of rain to replenish the aquifer before going into the winter and spring dry season.

October is a transition month. By the 3rd week of October the humidity goes away and we enter the dry season. This is a great time of year. Warm. Dry. Sunny all the time.

If you don’t look forward to the winter months then move to Ocala ! Call me. Email me. Or use my Dream Home Finder. I’l find you a house.