Some things just don’t exist

I deal mostly with out of state buyers. Sometimes people are looking for things that either don’t exist or are extremely rare.

Pool homes in 55+ communities are a good example. There are some but 99% of 55+ homes don’t have a private pool. Why have a pool to maintain when you are paying HOA fees for a community pool ?

Same goes for “I want a 55+ home on a huge lot with no or very low HOA fees” Retirement homes are on small lots because most people don’t want yard work anymore. Retirement communities are also about a lifestyle and not just age restrictions.

Yet another home type I get asked about all the time are farms under $100,000-. I guess if an old mobile home on an acre with Ag zoning is your idea of a farm then they do exist. We have some inexpensive homes here on standard sized lots but farms are not that cheap.

I think people get an image in their mind of their ideal home before knowing an area and what to expect. I see my job as being just as much about educating buyers as just showing them houses.

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