Ocala weather update

We are having the weirdest weather here in Ocala. It has been raining for almost a week. The weather report claims we had about 7 inches and I believe it. I had to empty my swimming pool twice this week!

What’s so odd about rain in the spring you might ask? It’s supposed to be the dry season, which begins in October and doesn’t end until the first of June. Ocala has had as much rain this week as a tropical storm would deliver. Areas east of Marion County towards Daytona have had it even worse with severe flooding.

The funny thing is that until this rain we had no precipitation at all for about a month. It was a drought and everyone was worried about forest fires. There are basically 2 types of rain events in Florida. The afternoon thunderstorms caused by winds off the Atlantic colliding with winds from the Gulf, which only last an hour or two, and tropical storms. Weather like this is very odd.

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