Ocala weather for January 2010

January 2010 weather has started off the new year with freezing temperatures. It’s not unusual here in Ocala to get a hard freeze. In fact we can get 4 or 5 a year. However this year we have had an entire week of temperatures where the days stay in the low 50’s and the night time temps hover around freezing. From what I’ve seen on the TV weather there is a high over Texas and a low south of New England that combined is some how funneling cold air down to Florida that belongs much further to the north.

Any way January temps should be around 70 with night time temps down to around the mid 40’s. See my Ocala Weather guide on my web site for a chart of highs and lows for every month of the year.

Winter in Ocala only lasts about 8 weeks. By the first of March it’s spring here in Ocala.

This is my 5th winter here in Ocala. I moved here from Maine where it gets seriously cold. I was worried about the summer heat, which is now no problem. Now I don’t like it when the temperature gets much below 70. People are very adaptable.

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