Ocala Real Estate Market Report November 2011

In November there were 306 residential sales on the Ocala/Marion County MLS. That’s up from October but down from previous months this year. The most noticeable thing is the lack of foreclosure sales. I can’t remember when we had only 51 foreclosures sell in a month. If you look at the above link you’ll see a decline from around 150 foreclosure sales per month to this months low. There is supposed to be a shadow inventory. That is homes foreclosed on by banks that haven’t been put on the market. It will be interesting to see if foreclosure sales pick up in 2012.

The winter is the big home selling season here in Ocala. Unlike up north we don’t have an off season but we do have prime time and that’s winter. The worse the winter is up north the better my sales are here in Ocala. I’m expecting a great winter. I have 4 homes under contract and I’m making appointments for January and February.

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