Ocala real estate market report March 2012

March is always our best month for home sales. Sales in March are from contracts written in January and February which is Snowbird season. The number of active listings went down a little, which seems to be part of a steady decline.There were more sales in the $200K to $500K range than we have seem recently. Foreclosures and short sales are less than a year ago.

Bank of America has come out with an expedited short sale process. It will be very interesting to see if it actually works. Currently short sales can take months to close if at all. Many buyers just get sick of waiting for an answer and move on to another house.

Micheal White, a local Ocala real estate appraiser, has come out with his quarterly market analysis. This is a must read for anyone interested in Ocala home sales. The market, in his opinion as well as mine, has hit bottom and is turning around for he better, finally.

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