Ocala homes sales are up and prices are down

A recent article in the Ocala Starr Banner states that home sales in the Ocala Marion County area for May 2010 are up 39% compared to May 2009.  That’s because the median home price here in Ocala is down 13% from the same period in 2009. The current median home price is $96,700.00 down from $111,600.00 a year ago. The median home price is the point where half of the sales are more and the other half are less and should not be confused with the average.

The median home price in Ocala is the lowest in the state of Florida. If you are interested in Ocala homes email me, call me or use my Ocala Dream Home Finder. Be specific we have over 5,000 homes for sale & I can’t send you them all.

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