Ocala Florida weather report for May 2012

So far 2012 has been much warmer than normal. April was no exception. Many days in April were in the high 80’s with a couple of days hitting 90. Normal would be the low 80’s. I had to run my AC for much of the month where normally I might not run it at all. In past years AC season hasn’t started until mid to late May. Now when I say I need to run the AC I mean that I had to turn it on mid afternoon and in some cases run it at night because the outside temperature was in the mid 70’s at bed time. This time of year is still dry with very little or no humidity.

May remains dry until the end of the month. Highs should be in the high 80’s during the day and the 60’s at night. The end of May marks the end of our dry season and the start of the wet season which lasts until October.

A lot of people from out of state worry about how they will like the heat and humidity of Florida summers. It really depends on where you live now. I’ve had buyers from the mid west and Texas say the humidity isn’t as bad as where they live. Coming from New England I can say that it is hotter and more humid than I was used to but I got used to it and it is a small price to pay for no winter.

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