Ocala Florida weather November 2010

As always lets start with a look at the previous month. October was one of the driest months on record in central Florida. At my house in SW Ocala we had zero precipitation. Other than no rain at all it was a beautiful month. There is no humidity this time of year and most days in October were in the 80’s.

November is another great month weather wise here in Ocala. Once again no humidity with temperatures in the mid to high 70’s. It will start getting cooler at night, gradually going from the 60’s to low 50’s at night by months end.

The dry season goes from October to May. During these months the days are warm and dry. This pattern is interrupted by cold fronts that bring some rain and a temporary dip in temperatures. It’s these cold fronts that bring Ocala the occasional frost each winter.

If you’re freezing your butt off some where up north ask yourself why. Houses are dirt cheap in Ocala, interest rates are at historical lows, Ocala doesn’t have the traffic, taxes or high insurance rates of South Florida. Call me, email me or use my Dream Home Finder to find out more about moving here.

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