Ocala Florida weather March 2011

It’s March and spring has sprung here in Ocala.  The grass has turned from winter brown to green. An azalea in my yard has a few flowers. The day time temperatures are in the low 80’s. The nights are in the mid 50’s. I don’t need any heat or air conditioning so this is a month of lower electric bills. It’s dry with no humidity. March is one of the best months of the year here in central Florida.

Actually things began to warm up in mid February after a cold January and record cold December. January was unusually wet for the dry season but we saw almost no rain at all in February. We had several hard frosts but not as bad as last year.

If it’s still the dead of winter where you live then think about coming to Ocala. We have the lowest median home prices in Florida. As I always like to say “The hot humid summers are a small price to pay for no winters”

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