Ocala Florida weather June 2010

Date Palm tree Flower

Date Palm Flower

It’s June here in Ocala and it’s hot and humid. After all this is Florida. Every day will be in the low 90’s and real humid. When I first moved to Ocala some one told me that after a year or two my blood would thin out and I’d get used to the heat. Needless to say I thought that person was full of it. Much to my surprise it’s true. I moved here from Maine where it seldom got above 80 and now I’m cold when it goes below 70!

The summer here in Ocala lasts from mid May to about the end of October. That means around 90 during the day and the 70’s at night and humid.

You have to realize that every where in Florida is air conditioned, your house, your car, every store and your job. It’s just like every where you go up north in the winter is heated.

The summer heat and humidity is a very small price to pay for no winter.

For more info on Ocala Florida weather see my web site for average temperatures, precipitation and more.

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