Ocala Florida Weather February 2011

February in Ocala is the last month of our winter. Average temperatures are in the low 70’s. We can still get a light frost until early March but as I write this in early February the grass is already getting a little green. So far this month we’ve had a exceptional amount of rain and that’s a good thing in the dry season.

January was actually warmer then December or so it seemed. It was also unusually wet. I think the winter of 2010-11 will down in the record books as colder than normal.

If you’re up north dreaming of spring then you need to move to Ocala. I plan to start working in my yard next week. Around Valentines day is the best time to prune Crape Myrtle. I’ll also prune some other bushes and start spreading some mulch. I try to get all my gardening done by mid May before the humidity really gets going.

Remember, no mater how hot or humid the summers get, it’s a small price to pay for no winters.


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