How to not sell a house in Ocala FL

Selling a home in Ocala is pretty tough these days. We are in an extreme buyers market with constant competition from short sales and foreclosures driving down prices.

The subject of this blog post is about the images or lack of them as found on the MLS by buyers. I get a lot more buyers than sellers because of my Ocala Real Estate web site and this blog. That’s just how it works. Most internet leads are buyers and not sellers. I’m not complaining because I sell a lot more houses than the average Realtor in Ocala as a result on my internet efforts.

What I am complaining about is the images I see on MLs listings. I will send listings to my buyers through my Ocala Dream Home Finder and they almost never want to see the ones in person that either have only 1 picture or really bad out of focus pictures. That’s unless the house is a foreclosure or priced like one.

Thinking of selling your house in Ocala or anywhere in Marion County? See my Ocala Home Sellers Advice or email me or call me. I would love to list your house and my advice is free.

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  1. Ocala says:

    The housing market is still very flat but the advice on this blog is pretty solid. Photos are such an important part of internetmarketing for real estate and sadly most realtors things a crappy pic with their iphone is enough to bring interest to their listings. I shoot high res photos and also short video tutorials for each property my realtor client lists and she has had phenomenal succcess with them.


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