Palm Cay Ocala Florida

Palm cay Ocala FL

Palm cay Ocala FL

Palm Cay is a 55 plus retirement community in the SW corridor area off SR 200 in Ocala Florida. Palm Cay is a great and very affordable Ocala retirement community. Homes here range in size from around 700 sq ft of living area to over 16oo sq ft. All homes are of frame construction with either aluminum or vinyl siding. Prices are as low as $50,000- up to the low $100′s. The houses in Palm Cay are single family style on 1/4 acre lots. Palm Cay is gated with a guard house and has a large clubhouse with a fitness center, craft rooms and full kitchen. Outside there is a  swimming pool, tennis courts, shuffleboard, horseshoes and a lounge area. HOA fees are currently a very low $85- per month. HOA fees include 24 hour guard at the gate, common area maintenance, clubhouse and pool, trash pickup and basic cable TV.

Update 1/10/2011 : HOA fees remain at $85- per month. There were 18 sales from 6/1/10 to 12/31/10 from $31,500- (only 864 sq ft home) to $90,000-. Of these 18 sales 6 were foreclosures.

Update 2-28-12 HOA fees remain at $85- month. That’s a great price for a gated community. There were 41 resales in 2011. Prices ranged from $25,500- for a 1056 sq ft foreclosure in need of total renovation up to $80,000- for a 1404 with a new roof, AC and flooring.

Update 2-12-2013 HOA Fees are $87- month. There were 42 resales in 2012 ranging from a 2/1/1 672 sqft foreclosure for $23,655- up to $101,000- for a 2232 sqft custom model. Note that most homes in Palm Cay are between 900-1500 sqft.

Update 6/14 Prices and fees remain stable. This is a nice well kept community if you are looking for a smaller, less expensive home on a 1/4 acre lot.

If you would like a list of homes for sale in Palm Cay fill out my Dream Home Finder or send me an email. I’ll set you up a Listing Cart for Palm Cay.

Palm Cay Entrance

Palm Cay Entrance

Palm Cay Clubhouse

Palm Cay Clubhouse

Palm Cay Pool

Palm Cay Pool

Palm Cay Tennis Court

Palm Cay Tennis Court

Palm Cay street scene

Palm Cay street scene

Statistics used for this blog post are from the Ocala Marion County MLS and are deemed to be accurate at the time this blog was written but are not guaranteed. All information is time sensitive and subject to change without notice.

48 Responses to “Palm Cay Ocala Florida”

  • S. Maxwell says:

    What is available for sale in Palm Cay and also interested in forclosures.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    I have sent you all the available listings in Palm Cay.

  • KEN MEDICK says:

    please e-mail me any homes for sale in palm cay—-need sq ft–rooms etc etc and also hoa’s if any and also lot rent–thanks ken

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Hi Ken

    Thanks for visiting my Blog. I sent you all the listing available in Palm Cay. There is no lot rent. Palm Cay, like most Ocala 55+ communities, is basically single family homes that have deed restrictions saying at least 1 person in the home has to be over 55. You buy the lot along with the house.

  • Deborah says:

    In the deed restrictions, is there a maximum gross living area that can be built in Palm Cay?

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Palm Cay is all built out, there is no new construction there. I think the largest model built was the Windmill at around 1800 sq ft. Most homes are 1600 and under.

  • Brad Snyder says:


    Please also send listings for Palm Cay, Pine Run and others with very low HOA fees and no GOLF… Also, not near the water i.e. flood zone.. storm worries..or high home insurance rates… these look good ,,, any communities just 45 min. from a bay ? Thanks much, Brad Snyder

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Hi Brad

    Will send listings with low HOA fees. Most SW 55+ communities are are about 45 minutes from the Gulf of Mexico. None will be near water or in a flood zone. Just so you know Golf is never part of the HOA fee. It is always a separate cost above & beyond the HOA fee in places where there is a course.

  • nikki hebert says:

    Hi, looking for 55+ that you purchase with the lot. 1200′or better. 2+br. 2+ba. HOA fees & pics. Thanks PS: GREAT WEB SITE.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Thanks glad you like my web site.

    I’ll send you active listings.

  • I would like some listings from Palm Cay. Could you also include approx real estate taxes. My husband and I are looking for a small home. Our home here in NY is 800 Sq feet and we love it! But we don’t like the winters! Thank you.
    Deb Amico

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Hi Deb

    I sent you all the listings in Palm Cay. There are a number of smallish 800 sq ft homes in Palm Cay as well as some in Oak Run. When looking at listings you can’t go by the property taxes that you see. Taxes are capped in Florida and reassessed at the time of a sale. On my web site I have a Marion County Property Taxes page which is a must read.

  • dave pint says:


    I would also like listings for lower HOA fees. Home size should be in the 1100-1400 range or larger and under $60,000.


  • Joe Dallorso says:

    I sent you listing under $60,000- in Palm Cay, Spruce Creek & Pine Run, all of which have both lower HOA fees & homes under $60K. However homes under $60K are generally small, most will be under 1100 sq ft which is why they are so cheap.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Will send you Palm Cay listings

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Will send you listings for Palm Cay over 1400 sq ft & under $100K. Children can visit but can’t live there permanently. What the HOA does is in each blog post,.

  • kathi waldman says:

    please send all info on homes in Palm Cay moving to Ocala, shortly Thank You

  • Joe Dallorso says:


    I’ll send info on Palm Cay homes

  • Deib says:

    Is Palm Cay strictly 55+ or are a small percentage allowed to be under that if there are no children in the home? I have a friend who lives in Cherry Wood which is also a 55+ and they have a few families that are under 55 but none with children and I’m told most 55+ communities are actually like this but discourage under 55 — I’m 53 and would really like to look in adult communities rather than family areas.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Yes you have to be 55+ to live in Palm Cay. Actually at least one person on the deed has to be 55. You could have a much younger husband though. :)
    Cherry Wood & Marion Landing used to have the 80% rule & Marion Landing doesn’t any more & I’m not sure about Cherry Wood. Most 55+ want to see a copy of your drivers license & make you sign an affidavit that you are 55 or older.

  • Kathryn Torres says:

    What about pets? We have 2 yorkies. About 6 pds each.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Hi Kathryn

    Small dogs up to 50 lbs are never a problem in any Ocala 55+

  • Carol Rosenthal says:

    We are looking to settle in a 55+ community in the Ocala area. Can you tell me what the restrictions are in Palm Cay? We have a small dog and motorcycles.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    No restrictions on motorcycles
    2 small dogs are OK
    All communities allow small dogs

  • Geneva Manchester says:

    what is available in Palm Cay?

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    I Emailed you. I can’t help people without a price range and the size home that they are looking for

  • am looking for seasonal rental in Ocala preferrably Palm Cay

  • plePalm Cay or Pine runase sent onfo on rentals for winterseason Ocala

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Sorry but I don’t do rentals

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Sorry I don’t do rentals

  • marje says:

    I am looking for information on purchasing in 55+ community w/o lot rental fees. Palm Cay appears to be nice. What’s available?

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Realtors don’t work in communities with lot fees. A mobile home on a rented lot isn’t considered real estate here in Florida.

    As of today there are 24 homes for sale in Palm cay. There are also similar communities close by. you didn’t give me a price range so I’ll email you for more info.

  • Sandra Graham says:

    Please send info on 55+ communities with low HOA fees in the Ocala area. I liked the Palm Cay info. I’m looking for a 2 bed, 2 bath, 1100+ sq ft, under $60,000. Thank you.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Sent you listings

  • Ron DeBuhr says:

    Hi Joe, Please send me a listing of 55+ communities with homes under $100,000 in your area or area between Ocala and Tampa. Thank You

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    I’ll send you listings

  • Please send me any listings you have for homes 35-59k cash 800-1100 square feet 2 bedrooms

  • Katherine says:

    Are there any 55 gated communities where you own the land and can finance 80percent? Also, I have 2inside cats and a small dog.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Yes only On Top of the World is a leasehold community where the land is on a 99 year lease. All other 55+ communities are fee simple where you own the land as well as the house. Only On Top of the World restricts the amount that you can finance. All other communities do not. There are several gated 55+ communities that you might like depending o your budget. Palm Cay, Oak Run, Spruce Creek Preserve, Stone Creek, Summerglen, Spruce Creek Golf and Country Club all have no finance restrictions and you own the lot.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    I will see what I can find

  • Eddie says:

    My wife and I are looking for a retirement home in the Ocala area. Is there any restrictions on fences in the backyards, we have Yorkies and they need to be fenced in to secure them when out playing, if and what type of restrictions do you have on fences.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Palm Cay, Oak Run, Spruce Creek, Spruce Creek Preserve and Cherry Wood all allow fences. All fences must be 4 foot chain link. No solid privacy fences. Communities restrict you to 2 dogs

  • S. Conner says:

    Can you throw out a guesstimate of yearly taxes on a 1000 sq ft. home at Palm Cay? We just have no clue what to expect ? Thanks !

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    With the homestead deduction around $700-$900- yr. Homestead requires you to make the home your primary residence. Call me, email me or use my Dream Home Finder on m web site and I’ll send you listings.

  • Mary Copeland says:

    Are there any rentals in Palm cay?

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Sorry I don’t do rentals. Rentals here pay almost no commission

  • Linda Lorenzetti says:

    Hi Joe,
    I am looking for information on purchasing in Ocala & or 55+ community in Palm Cay, 2-3 bedrooms with fence.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    I emailed you for more info. I need to know a price range in order to send listings and recommend a community.

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