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Oak Run is a large 55 plus community located just off SR 200 in the SW corridor area of Ocala. Construction began in 1985 and was built out in 2007. Oak Run is divided into neighborhoods. These neighborhoods have evolved over a 25 year period and each one has a unique character. The older homes are frame with aluminum or vinyl siding. The newer homes are concrete block and stucco. As time went by the size of the houses grew as buyers expectations increased over that 25 year period. You will find older homes as small as 700 sq ft of living area and newer homes over 3,000 sq ft. Prices as you might expect vary tremendously. HOA fees vary by the neighborhood. In a few areas the homes include lawn care which adds to the fee. In general HOA fees at this time range from $110- to about $150- with homes that have lawn care being  higher at about $230- per month. Amenities at Oak Run are extensive. They include 3 gates with a guard house, basic cable TV, curbside trash pickup and common area maintenance. There is the Royal Oaks Golf Course, 5 outdoor pools, an indoor pool, a great fitness center that is like joining a gym, a restaurant, numerous clubs, tennis, pickleball, horseshoes, shuffle board ect. Golf is not included in the HOA fee.

Update 3/15 Fees remain stable but I think prices are starting to go up. Oak Run gives you a lot for your HOA $. It is a must see.

If you would like a list of homes for sale in Oak Run fill out my Dream Home Finder or send me an email. I’ll set you up a Listing Cart for Oak Run.


Orchid Club sign

Orchid Club

Orchid Club

The Orchid Club has a library, billiards room, ceramic studio, craft rooms and a huge auditorium with a stage and dance floor which can accommodate up to 1,000 residents. Adjacent are tennis courts, horse shoe pits and a complete fitness center.

Aquatic Club sign

Aquatic Club sign

Aquatic Club

Aquatic Club

The Aquatic Club features a very large indoor heated swimming pool.

Island Club Sign

Island Club Sign

Island Club Lap pool

Island Club Lap pool

Island Club Pool

Island Club Pool

The Island Club has a small meeting room and 3 specialty pools and a large hot tub.

Palm Bat Club

Palm Grove Club

The Palm Grove  Club is the newest and largest clubhouse at Oak Run.  It is a sort of auditorium where they hold events and there is even an Oak Run theater company.

Bella Cucina Restaurant

Bella Cucina Restaurant

Update 1/10/11 : The Bella Cucina Restaurant appears to have been closed. There is still the restaurant in the Royal Oaks Golf clubhouse.

Oak Run main road

Oak Run main road

Oak Run Golf Course

Oak Run Golf Course 2

Statistics used for this blog post are from the Ocala Marion County MLS and are deemed to be accurate at the time this blog was written but are not guaranteed. All information is time sensitive and subject to change without notice.

43 Responses to “Oak Run Ocala Florida”

  • Barbara Schindler says:

    Please send me a listing of condos for sale priced under $60,000.

    Thank you.

    I’m looking for a 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath with garage.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Sorry but not much under $60K in Oak Run. You need to be more in the $60-80K range to find much there.

  • Barbara Schindler says:

    Thanks for your reply. Okay, let’s see any available at $65,000.

  • Barbara Calvin says:

    We too are interested in Oak Run. Please send us a list of homes for sale in the 60 to 80 range.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    I sent you listing on Oak Run. Call or email me with any questions

  • Lil McCray says:

    Please send us a list of homes in the 80 to 120 range.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Hi Al

    Will set you up a listing cart to Oak Run homes.

  • Theresa Mancuso says:

    Please send me a listing of 3 bedroom homes in Oak Run. The lower the price, the better. Thanks!!

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Will do.
    There are quite a few lower priced homes in Oak Run but as you might expect, the lowest priced homes have less sq ft of living area and fewer bedrooms. Additionally the vast majority of 55+ homes in our area have only 2 bedrooms. Some will have a den/office (no closet) but that to will require more sq ft & of course add to the price.

  • Jean Selmon says:

    Joe, please send me information on Oak Run. We are looking to retire to the Ocala area within the next 6 months. Interested in a home between 2100-2400 sq. ft. Send me information on new/resales, etc. Thanks, Jean

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    I’ll set you up a Listing Cart

  • Richard Gilbert says:

    Joe,please send me information on Oak Run. We are interested in 2b/2ba with floor footage starting at 1800 sq ft and larger.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Morning Richard

    Thank you for your blog comment.

    I set you up a Listing Cart to see Oak Run homes 1800 sq ft +.
    You didn’t give me a price range & you’ll see everything from older homes with vinyl or aluminum siding from just over $100,000- up to huge golf course homes over $400K.

  • Jim says:

    Looking for resale property..

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Call or email me. I need a lot more info. I need a price range, size of home in sq ft of living area Ect.

  • Barbara Tanner says:


    We would like to receive information on listings between 1500-2000 SF and $100,000 – $130,000. Also, as we have a dog, we need to find an area that will allow a small fence.

    Thank you

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Morning Barbara

    I’ll send you some listings. You can put up a fence in Oak Run with HOA permission on any lot except those that have lawn mowing as part of the HOA fees. The only type of fence allowed is 4′ chain link. Also be aware that there is a 45lb limit on dogs

  • Mario Rodriguez says:

    Please send me a list of two bedrooms two baths homes, 1,100 to 1,450 sqft
    in Oak Run 55+ Community.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    I set you up a Listing Cart to see Oak Run homes

  • Penny Batchelder says:

    Looking for list of 2 – 3 bedroom, 2 bath home…. 1100 to 1600 sq ft in Oak run 55+ community

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    I will set you up a Listing Cart for homes in Oak Run from 1100-1600 sq fft

  • Bob Thomas says:

    Looking for 2-3 br, 2 bath. Garages? <$125000. Coming down from NJ. Won't be full time for 3 years but thinking of buying now to lock in low prices. Are long term rentals allowed? What's your crystal ball say about when local market will stop falling?

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Rentals are allowed as long as renters are 55+
    I think prices have stopped falling
    Inventory keeps heading down
    In a couple of years I see prices going up

  • Brenda Russell says:

    Hi Joe,
    We are interested in buying a retirement home for 6 months of the year. (we are Canadians).
    I would like to see the HOA regulations before we settle on a community.
    Do you have a copy of the regulations for Oak Run?
    thank you in advance.
    Brenda and Alan

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Sent you some info


  • terry tenerella says:

    interested in oak run price range65-85000 please send info on regulations. are they single families or villas. because i saw mentioned common areas maintained thanks

  • Randulf Hardy says:

    Please send us a list of available homes in Oak Run with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, living/dining area, eat in kitchen, screened patio, and any other amenities in the home.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Will send listings

  • June Barrett says:

    Looking for a rental with two bedrooms and at least two and a one 1 1/2 bath, that is dog friendly for three months in winter.
    Preferably a gated community with nearby amenities. We would be new Florida residents, so need to get a preview of what it might be like to buy in the future.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Sorry I can’t help. I don’t do rentals

  • Dan G. says:

    Do you own the lots in Oak Run?

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Yes you own the lot in Oak Run. On Top of the World is the only community in our area where you do not own the lot.

  • Donna Schmitt says:

    Are there pet restrictions in Oak Run? We have a well behaved chocolate labrador and a little Westhighland terrier. About 55 pounds and 15 pounds.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    There is a 2 dog limit. There is also a 40 lb limit but they do not enforce it. This is the case in many 55+. They have a rule but instead of changing it they just don’t enforce it. I have seen several large dogs in Oak Run.

  • Hi Joe, if you would like to send some listings up to 200k that would be great.
    My wife and I will be retiring in less than 1 year and have looked primarily in the Leesburg and Orlando area, but have heard good comments of Ocala and Oak Run, in particular. Thanks in advance.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    I will send you listings for Oak Run. I think you will find that you’ll get a lot more house for less money than down in Lessburg or Orlando

  • Sharon ruud says:

    Could you send me some listings for home 1 floor 1000 to 1600 sq ft 150,000 or less condo, townhome,villa

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    There are no 55+ townhomes or condo’s here. There are Villas in Oak Run that have lawn care but you maintain everything else like a regular home

  • Caroline Sommer says:

    We are looking to visit Oak Run in early May and view houses with 3 Bedroom in the $100,000 to 150,000 range. Does Oak Run host weekend visits like some of the other 55 and over communities. Can you please email me a list of what you have in my price range.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Oak Run sometimes has a open houses but I don’t know they are on a set schedule. I don’t take listing I act as a buyers agent. I will set you up a Listing Cart to see all 3 bedroom homes in Oak Run in your price range as well as 2 bedroom homes with a Den/Study (no closet). I do give community tours, week days only as long as I have no other appointments.

  • B. Noble says:

    Hi, please set me up a Listing Cart for a 2 BR, 1 1/2 Bath, $60,000 – $80,000 home, preferably built after 1998, for Oak Run. Thanks!

  • Joe Dallorso says:


    There are only 5 homes in the $60-$80K range today. All are from the 80′s. Prices started going up in 2014.

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