Quail Meadow Ocala FL

Quail Meadow

Quail Meadow

Quail Meadow is a 55 plus retirement community located in NW Ocala Florida. This is a community that was built over a fairly long period of time. There are both frame and vinyl homes from the late 1980′s to block and stucco homes just a few years old. Homes range from 1200 to 2500 sq ft of living area. Quail Meadow is not gated but does have a very nice clubhouse and pool.  Quail Meadow is convenient to grocery stores but you’d have to drive to Ocala or down to SR 200 for other shopping and restaurants.

Update 6/14 HOA fees remain at $32- month by far the lowest in the area. Home prices remain steady. If you are looking for a larger, 1700-2500 sqft home on a 1/4 acre lot with low HOA fees and 55+ restrictions it is hard to beat Quail Meadow

If you would like a list of homes for sale in Quail Meadow fill out my Ocala Dream Home Finder, call me or send me an email. I can set you up a Listing Cart on the Ocala MLS for Quail Meadow homes.

Quail Meadow Clubhouse

Quail Meadow Clubhouse

Quail Meadow Pool

Quail Meadow Pool

Statistics used for this blog post are from the Ocala Marion County MLS and are deemed to be accurate at the time this blog was written but are not guaranteed. All information is time sensitive and subject to change without notice.

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  • cj glodek says:



  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Will do. You should get an email soon.

  • Wanda Clary says:

    Are there homes for sale in Quail Meadows (Ocala), or any foreclosures,
    this is a nice area.

    Thank you,
    Wanda Clary

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Yes there are 28 homes for sale in Quail Meadow. There is also 1 foreclosure and several very well priced “estate Sales”. I will send you a link to all the active listings in Quail Meadow so you can get an idea of what’s available there. BTW Ocala Palms is directly across the street from Quail Meadow and although not 55+ most residents seem to be.

  • liz keveney says:

    please bring me up to date with resales in Quial Meadow and also the amenitiy fees and wheat they include. thank you

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    The HOA fee is only $25- per month and cover the clubhouse & pool.


    I am interested in buying a home in ocala florida –please send some information on homes for sale-& i am interested in a foreclosure-ALSO, PLEASE SEND HOMES FOR SALE LISTS FOR “HARDWOOD TRAIL”, FOR “MARCO

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    There are currently no foreclosures in Marco Polo 55+, Hardwood Trails or Quail Meadow. There just aren’t a lot of foreclosures in the 55+ communities in general. However an alternative to foreclosures in 55+ homes is estate sales.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    There are a few Quail Meadow homes under $100K but all are around 1250 sq ft of living area

  • Ralph Carr says:

    I would like a listing of homes for sale in Quail Meadows.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Sent you listings

  • terry tenerella says:

    please send listing for sale in quail meadow

  • Michael Mac Adams says:

    I would like all the do,s and dont,s about HMO. Quial Meadows THANK YOU

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    If you mean what are the deed restrictions they are public records
    Go to the Marion County Clerk of Courts web site

  • pam heffernan says:

    I live in central ny, but have friends that live at Ocala Palms. I’d like to stay a month in the area to see if I want to buy a house there. I’d like to rent a house or apartment , hopefully in a gated community, near Ocala Palms. Can you help me. Need only 1 or 2 bedroom & not a lot of room. Thanks

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Sorry I don’t do rentals. I get this sort of question all the time though. I don’t know of any homes for rent for just a week or month at a time. It just isn’t profitable for the landlord to look for a new tenant every month. Also in Florida any rental under 6 months and a day requires the owner to collect hotel taxes.

  • Tim says:

    Hey Joe thanks for setting me up the homefinder and send homes for sale . Any chance of breaking those out by subdivision? Anything you could do is awesome and helpful…Thanks tim

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Hi Tim

    The Listing Cart shows which sub division each home is located in but I can’t sort them by subdivision if that’s what you mean. Email is a better means of communication now that you are set up with the Dream Home Finder

  • linda koss says:

    I am living in the house at 3380 nw 44th court. the home belonged to my brother-in-laws mom, who has died. The house is up for sale.
    I need to know if I can have an estate sale? Are there any restrictions? I hope to hear back from you. I could not get through on the phone line.
    linda koss

  • Joe Dallorso says:


    I’m a real estate agent. I don’t represent the HOA so I can’t help you

  • Carol Mowrey says:

    no restrictions on estate sales but contact a board member first. You can’t have yard sales until the community sets the bi-yearly sale. The owner MUST pay the HOA fee every year and that is $300 for Recreational facilities and $80 for property owners. Be sure that is paid or there is a penalty. Again, call a board member for more information

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