Pine Run Ocala Florida

Pine Run Ocala FL

Pine Run Ocala FL

Pine Run is a 55 plus retirement community located in SW Ocala Florida. Homes here are of frame construction with aluminum siding.  Pine Run has 2 clubhouses each with a pool, tennis courts and other amenities. HOA fees are around $87- per month and include the clubhouse and pool, trash pickup, common area maintenance and a 24 hour guard at the gate.

If you would like a list of homes for sale in Pine Run fill out my Dream Home Finder located in the column on the right hand side of this page.

Pine Run Clubhouse

Pine Run Clubhouse

Pine Run Pool

Pine Run Pool

Pine Run Tennis Court

Pine Run Tennis Court

Pine Run Street Scene

Pine Run Street Scene

Statistics used for this blog post are from the Ocala Marion County MLS and are deemed to be accurate at the time this blog was written but are not guaranteed. All information is time sensitive and subject to change without notice.

30 Responses to “Pine Run Ocala Florida”

  • cj glodek says:


  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Will Do. Thanks for visiting my blog

  • Rebecca Madl says:

    Please send me listings in Pine Run and Cay. Any others in the area 20 miles out. 55 plus with low prices.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Hi Rebecca

    I sent you homes in Pine Run, Palm Cay & Spruce Creek North which is similar to Palm Cay.

    For other blog readers I really need more info. The 2 main things are price and size. I need to know your max price and the minimum sq ft of living area you want. For example there are 780 sq ft homes in Palm Cay which are nice if that’s what you want but they might be too small for a lot of people. We have a lot of listings down here and the 3 communities above has 69 homes for sale.

  • Sandy says:

    Please send all listings for Pine Run,
    really like a corner lot or in the very back on the street close to the fence.
    ? need to park 2 trucks & 1 car
    have 2 small dogs would like a fenced yard, nothing under 1000 SQ ft


    Sandy & LaRRY

  • Joe Dallorso says:


    Sent you some listing out back in Pine Run

  • Cosseboom says:

    Pls send me all listings in Pine Run, also if there are any other own your home type 55+ which are not real expensive. Thank you kindly.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    I’ll email you. I don’t know what you mean when you say “55+ which are not real expensive”. Not real expensive can mean very different things to different people.

  • Sara says:

    Hello ~ I would appreciate listings for Palm Cay and Pine Run. Size wise, I don’t need large, (anything up to 1100sf) as it will be for one person. Prices wise…I would like to stay $50K or under. I know its not a lot :-)
    One important issue – is there a place where I can find the regulations for htese communities? I have 1, poss. 2 dogs. My concerns would be size or breed restrictions. (no, I don’t have a Great Dane or a Pit Bull! LOL!) Do any allow the yard to be fenced?
    Thank you!

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Hi Sara

    There are sub $50K homes in Pine Run, Palm Cay, a few in Oak Run, Spruce Creek & even 1 in Cherry Wood. All being under 1100 sq ft. On Top of the World has the most sub $50K homes but you don’t own the land & the HOA fees are high although they cover a lot more than other 55+ do.

    The problem with dog restrictions is that they are vague. Most say something like no more than 2 small dogs but don’t say how big small is. Oak Run has a 45lb size limit. OTOTW has no size limit but restricts certain breeds. In some communities you see dogs that are obviously larger than small such as Oak Run where I always see a huge Rottweiler.

    You can read deed restrictions at.
    Under records click Official Records Search the search now
    Enter party name & document type is RES

    Most 55+ allow fenced yards with HOA permission. Always 4′ chain link.


  • Albert Pitts says:

    I just signed up for your Dream Home Listing Service but, would like specific info on Pine Run, Palm Cay and lower priced home in Oak Run.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    I’ll send you listing from the Dream Home Finder. Anyone interested in Pine Run really has to consider Oak Run & Palm Cay as well if they need a gated community.

  • cathy foederer says:

    please send me a listing of available homes for sale. ahve just moved down and am looking around.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Are you only interested in Pine Run?
    In order to help people I need a price range and the size of a home you would be interested in.
    I’ll email you for more info.

  • dianna orgo says:

    would like info on any homes for sale in Pine run under 50K

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    I send you what ever I can find under $50K

  • Geneva Manchester says:

    I would llike to see what is available in Pine Run? Is there any other retirement communities in the same price range as Pine Run?
    Thank you!

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    I Emailed you. I can’t help people without a price range and the size home that they are looking for

  • Donna McGee says:

    I would like to know what is for sale in Pine Run Estates. 3/2/2 50K – 100k.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Most homes in Pine Run are 2 bedrooms
    I did send you a link to ones with 3 bedrooms

  • Jack Morabito says:

    I am looking for the construction drawning for a 2 bedroom home. My interest is the water lines.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Sorry I can’t help. I have no idea where you’d find a document like that other than maybe an original owner might have one

  • Eva Peters says:

    Hi Joe! Your blog is very informative and helpful! We were wondering if there are any 55+ communities in the Ocala area that are pet free, allowing no dogs? Thanks!

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    No all 55+ allow small dogs and many large ones. Dogs have to be under control at all times and can’t run loose or be left out to bark. Dogs have to retire too you know

  • Trish & Larry Siegel says:

    Hi Joe,
    great website.
    We just got an offer on our house in NC and want to move to Gainesville or Ocala.
    Looking for a 55+ Community with low HOA fees, minimum 2 Bedrooms, possibly with a garage and not to exceed $100,000.00. We are not interested in manufactured or mobile homes.
    We would like to have pool and gym access and safety is of course a concern. We also have a small dog.
    Planning on visiting the middle of September, so any info you can provide is appreciated. Thanks!

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Will email you listings.

  • Tim Farrell says:

    Can you please send a list of homes for sale in Pine Run and is there a restriction on size and vreed of dogs. Thanks.

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Pine Run has vague pet restrictions typical of several older 55+ in our area. You cannot have poultry but you can have 2 small household pets such as dogs and cats.

  • richard says:

    Please send a list of homes for sale in Pine Run only. 2 bed 2 bath split floor plan. Price 55K – 65K

  • Joe Dallorso says:

    Sent you a few listings. Don’t think there are many split floor plans in Pine Run homes are too old and small.

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